Many will be aware of the current case bringing a compensation claim in the court of appeal against a mother for drinking during her pregnancy and causing foetal alcohol syndrome to her unborn child. The child is now seven years old and lives with serious disabilities due to their mother consuming alcohol during pregnancy.

Foetal Alcohol Syndrome can cause damage to the brain. But this is not classified as an acquired brain injury, since it happens before birth. Whilst the Child Brain Injury Trust exists as an organisation to support children with acquired brain injuries and their families, they support the awareness this case has brought to the general public.

Particular media stories¹ have made the link to adoptive children with foetal alcohol syndrome. As a Charity we are reminded of the similarities in the adoption process to shaken baby syndrome which can result in an acquired brain injury and problems later in life.

Parents have adopted seemingly healthy children only to find out they have suffered from foetal alcohol syndrome or an acquired brain injury as a result of shaken baby syndrome.

Lisa Turan, Chief Executive Officer for the Child Brain Injury Trust states: “This case has been brought about to provide a child with compensation to access support services they need to have a better quality of life. We need to understand the importance of support for children with acquired brain injury or foetal alcohol syndrome.

As a Charity we would like to be able to work closer with adoption agencies to ensure these issues are addressed early on and we can be there to support the whole family throughout a child’s development”.

The Child Brain Injury Trust is a Charity working throughout the UK to provide support for families of children with an acquired brain injury. If you would like more information about how we can support you or someone you know, please contact our Support Line – 0303 303 2248.


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