In support of our autumn road safety campaign, Be Seen, Not Hurt, one mum has shared the story of how her son was injured and how it has affected their whole family.

On the 29th January 2013, life for Joseph and his family changed forever. At the time Joseph was just 8 years old and was crossing the road when he was knocked down by a 4X4 vehicle. Joseph broke his neck and acquired a brain injury. Before this day, Joseph’s mother Joanne explains that she knew nothing about brain injury and the effect on life now.

“I didn’t realise anyone could have a brain injury. Acquired brain injury for Joseph and us as a family has changed our life forever. It’s affected everything for Joseph and everyday life so much.”

After getting in touch with the Child Brain Injury Trust, Joanne was able to better understand Joseph’s brain injury and the Charity was able to work with Joseph’s school to provide further support.

“When I read about brain injury it was like they were talking about Joseph and it helped me so much to know this is what brain injury does to a person. I find myself telling people a lot about it because when Joseph’s talking to people it can appear like he is in a daydream or not listening.”

Joseph has been fortunate to have the support of his school to repeat year seven as he felt he wasn’t ready to move on to secondary school yet. For many children with an acquired brain injury, this can be a difficult time transitioning up to secondary school.

However, even the smallest things can be a challenge following a childhood acquired brain injury: “For Joseph even little things like getting ready for school in the morning have been affected. It’s totally changed Joseph as a child, which is why I am supporting Glow Day to raise awareness of road safety amongst children. Although Joseph was practicing road safety the day he was knocked down. It is so important children and their parents are completely road aware.

Brain injury affects you for life. It will even change Joseph’s future career and if Glow Day can help make other children road aware, I fully support this initiative.

I’d hate to see another family go through what we have. The Child Brain Injury Trust has helped me understand and proved so helpful to us. Bones can heal but brain injury is for life. That’s why I will be asking all my family and friends to wear bright colours and text GLOW23 £3 to 70070 to donate on Friday 23rd October. Teach your child to Be Seen Not Hurt this winter.”

We are so grateful to Joanne for sharing her family’s experience of acquired brain injury and supporting this year’s safety campaign.

Help us increase road safety awareness by wearing your brightest clothes this Friday 23rd October. Please share your brightest photos and selfies using #CBITGlowDay on Facebook and Twitter. You can also make a donation by texting GLOW23 £3 to 70070 or visiting