Today marks the start of our annual Action for Brain Injury Week campaign; I am delighted to have this opportunity to introduce the week to you all. This year we are focusing on the difficulties that children and young people with an acquired brain injury face when socialising at school, home and in the wider community. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Bolt Burdon Kemp Solicitors for sponsoring Action for Brain Injury Week in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Whether it is feeling too tired to meet up with friends, losing your place in a conversation or struggling to understand jokes, a brain injury can create new challenges. We will be raising awareness of these challenges throughout this week (9th-15th May) and we want you to get involved.

We are very thankful to 12 year old Timmy who has bravely decided to share his experience of acquired brain injury and the effect it has had on his friendships in a two part video. Timmy sustained a brain injury when he was only seven months old and this, as he will tell you in the video, has created some extra frustrations for him when it comes to making and maintaining friendships. You can watch part one of Timmy’s video here. The second part will be published later on in the week.

We are asking our supporters to host or participate in a #GetTogether. Enjoy fundraising with friends, family and colleagues and help to raise more awareness of brain injury. From organising a bake sale to taking part in a sponsored walk, your #GetTogether can be anything you like. For some more ideas and to download your free fundraising pack please click here or search #GetTogether on Twitter. Thank you and good luck to everybody who is already taking part. Make sure you get involved and send us your pictures through Twitter using the hashtags #ABIWeek2016 and #GetTogether.

On Tuesday we will be revealing the results of our recent survey which asked parents, carers and those living with a brain injury to tell us about their reality of ‘Socialising after a Brain Injury.’ The survey brought up some very thought provoking answers and we look forward to hearing your opinions on the outcomes.

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