Successful London Launch event at the House of Lords – July 2017

Picture the scene, one curious bear #Albie, a warm sunny July evening on the terrace at the House of Lords, 200 VIP guests, 6 exceptional speakers, 2 Lords – their guests, the London Child Brain Injury Team, 6 Child Brain Injury Team ambassadors, the founder of the charity, canapes, bonhomie and what do you get? A magical and memorable evening for all our guests and a spectacular launch event for the London Team to build on.

The event to launch the London Model of Integrated Support kindly hosted by The Lord Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE was a huge success and really put The Child Brain Injury Trust on the London map.


What did our guests think?

We really appreciated members of the organisation coming over to talk to everyone. Not only did they provide more info about the organisation, they also made us feel very welcome. The speeches from the survivors of brain injuries were the most powerful and made such an impact. This highlighted the great work of CBIT do and it was so inspiring to hear how far they’ve come.

Well organised, beautiful setting, lovely canapés. Everyone so friendly. A joy to hear 2 fantastic boys share their journey with a brain injury and their hopes for the future.

Before the presentations, over a fifth of the audience had never heard of us and after the evening finished over 97% of guests stated “they were more familiar with our work”.  A staggering 90% of attendees stated that “they would now be more likely to support our work having attended the event.”

House of Lords 2017 1

House of Lords 2017 3


The clear stars of the evening were our young people speakers Connor and James, they both shared their inspirational stories of life after brain injury with us.  Twitter went crazy on the day, with over 7,000 twitter users who viewed our hashtag #cbitLDNlaunch, one of the most popular tweets:

 2 years ago Connor Lynes suffered a life changing brain injury and 2 major strokes, today he spoke eloquently at a prestigious London Launch for CBIT at the House of Lords #inspirational

House of Lords 2017 4As Lisa Turan said after the evening:

London has been the missing part of our Child and Family Support jigsaw for quite some time. We always knew that the demand for our unique service was there. We also knew it would need increased resources and planning to achieve this goal. The Child Brain Injury Trust can now proudly say that we offer a UK wide support system.


Lastly, celebrated author Clare Mackintosh offered a vote of thanks to all our speakers and shared her inspirational personal story with us too.

House of Lords 2017 5


Thank you to everyone on the team Natasha, Amelia, Francesca, Lisa, Theresa, Rachel, of course #Albie and all the Child Brain Injury Trust team on the evening, you all made this evening such a huge success with all your hard work paying off.


House of Lords 2017 6