Blog Monday the 21st May 2018

Paul Clutterbuck, Louise Baily, Hannah Winnman and 12 warriers


Today’s blog is about encouragement, support and strength.

Fundraising is part of my role as CEO of the Child Brain Injury Trust .  So why not get completely out of my comfort zone and take part  in a charity photo shoot  with 1st4fitness  Bicester’s premier fitness and nutrition centre.  Myself and  11 other warriors have been training at the centre for a number of months and years  and have really enjoyed seeing the results and I  have loved getting stronger, but the thought of being photographed in my gym wear terrified me!  What’s important to add here is that myself and all the ladies taking part are all on personal journey’s and are not your typical ‘gym type’.  We go to  1st4fitness because we don’t want to go to a ‘normal’ gym, we want privacy, we want support, we want friendship and we don’t want to show off – So this fundraising photoshoot was going to test us in a number of ways.

lisa 3

The connection with our charity has been a powerful one as we share many of the same values –  Support, family,  friendship, resilience and of course Integrity.  The  ladies have been phenomenal, and  have embraced the pre-shoot diet and laughed all the way through our hilarious spray tanning experience (thank you Dianne Johnson) and outfit fittings.

We are celebrating the good, the strength, the kindness and the ability to overcome hurdles that life throws in our way and we have also managed to raise over £1000 for the Child Brain Injury Trust which puts families first and makes a difference to them when brain injury happens.

Of course we couldn’t leave Albie out – so he also took the plunge and got gym ready and posed beautifully for the shoot.  You can follow Albie on Instagram or twitter #Albie

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You can still support us and donate by visiting our Just Giving page.
I would like to personally thank Louise Baily for making the event happen and for encouraging us all to celebrate our strength, for looking after us and for being the creative drive behind the event.  Paul Clutterbuck   for his 1st4vision  , Hannah Winman who was so patient and supportive beforehand and throughout the day and the amazing ladies who took part and who inspire and support each other every day …… you are all warriors.

Photography : https://www.facebook.com/helenmessengerphotography/ @helenmessengerphotography on Instagram www.helenmessengerphotography.com

Vicki Baily @vhphotography

Make-up :  Meg Thomas – Hair & Make Up
Nicola Anderson




Lisa Turan