Last week families from across Northern Ireland took part in CBIT’s annual Summer Activity Day. The event took place at Belfast Activity Centre where staff are trained to work with young people of all abilities. This year the activities available were archery, the climbing wall and orienteering. Alongside this we had also arranged for our friends from Mini Explorers to do a sensory play workshop for younger children. Although as the day went on older children, who had found the activities tiring, began to join in with the sensory session too.

“Excellent event, well organised. The venue was brilliant and everyone was very friendly. Sensor Play was very good to keep young children entertained and for tired older children”

The first activity was archery with adults and children competing to win the most points by hitting the targets. This progressed to trying to shoot balloons attached to the target boards, which was not easy on such a windy day!

“Today has been amazing, we have really enjoyed doing all the activities. We would definitely come back to this event again”

The next activity was the climbing wall, which is always very popular. Everyone could work at their own pace, and if they could reach the top of the wall to ring the bell, then they got a massive cheer from those waiting far below. And if you couldn’t reach the top that was ok too as everyone tried to set a new personal best for themselves.

The last activity was orienteering, which involved a lot of running around in the sunshine. Again it appeared we had a competitive bunch as families competed to complete the course faster than everyone else.

“It has been fantastic, it has been great for the children to meet new friends and very nice for parents to meet up”.

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