Being noticed for being different is not always fun, especially if you have an acquired brain injury.

Being able to express yourself can be difficult and frustrating.  Having meaningful friendships can be tricky if they don’t understand you and you can sometimes feel lonely.

When our children are growing up, we expect them to have friends, to play, to learn, to experience different things and to enjoy taking part in activities.  For children with brain injury and their families it’s not always possible and as such families are left feeling very different from ‘normal’ families.

Each year at the Child Brain Injury Trust, we invite children from all over the UK to take part in an ‘art’ project which allows them to express themselves in colour, to tell us how they feel and to share their talent and stories.

“every day I feel different, sometimes I’m Ok, sometimes I’m anxious, stressed and annoyed…… I embrace my awesomeness…”  Grace

“I know I am different from other children, but I like that, I love being me” Eloise

“Me being high up in the sky, portrays how I felt completely separate and alone in the world and that nobody cared about me”  A.J 

These are just a selection of  some of the stories that children have shared with us as part of our art exhibition which is taking place on the evening of the 12th March 2019 in Manchester.  You will have the opportunity to view all of the collection and to own part of it you wish.

The paintings are a stark reminder of what life is like following childhood brain injury and are a powerful testament to how these amazing young people feel.

The Child Brain Injury Trust raises awareness of the impact childhood brain injury has on families and support them in their communities.  Our work is far reaching and supports over 5,000 families every year.  By attending this event, you are helping us to raise awareness, to give young people a voice and to improve their lives.

I look forward to welcoming you, please book your places here.