It was a huge honour to be asked by the Child Brain Injury Trust to write this book; and it’s been both a privilege and an inspiration to hear the stories from siblings, parents and children affected by brain injury.

I asked each of the siblings I spoke to, what they wanted me to say on their behalf and these messages have provided the core themes of the book:

It’ll all be OK in the end – different, but OK.

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re all alone and that nobody understands how you feel – but you don’t need to be; just make sure you have the Child Brain Injury Trust’s website on your Bookmarks.

Bad things happen all the time to all sorts of people, all you can do is try to be kind.

Writing Zero to Hero has introduced me to Sleep Specialists, Neuropsychologists and Physiotherapists who were all, incredibly generous with their time, and I learnt loads! For instance: milky drinks at bedtime don’t help you sleep, because they’re hard to digest! Changing the way, you think about something can also change the way you feel about it; and nobody walks properly!

I wanted to make sure that the book reflected the real lives of all teenagers and so the story is set around school pressures, friendship groups, and new love. It will make you giggle and sometimes even scream, but most of all, it will allow you to see that life is complicated for everybody and that we don’t always have to have it together; we just have to learn to ask for help.

I really hope you enjoy reading Zero to Hero; please help us make this book a success and get our message out by: Liking; sharing; posting a review and most importantly – buying it!