Over the last number of weeks we have faced trials and tribulations that we have not faced in a generation. As individuals and as a society we have turned to those closest to us for comfort and reassurance, like many before us and like many generations that will come after.

Since we began working from home it seemed like a natural transition. Most of our team are remote workers and work from home, while also spending time working alongside our clinical colleagues on hospital wards, but I know that the adjustment to working completely from home has not come easy.

What has been important to make home working fit for us is knowing that as a team we can turn to each other for support. We are a family of colleagues across the UK with an objective of making a difference to those who need us most. By keeping in regular communication over telephone, video chat and group calls we have come closer together in these tough times.

When I think of the difference that we have made to many families since we were first set up, we have been able to accomplish all that we have by listening and adapting and like our team, communicating.  We know the importance of structure and routine to families and being able to replicate this in our service has been something that we have tried to maintain in these difficult times.

Like we have done many times before, we have adapted to the need of families we support across the UK and by continuing to do this, we will remain in the best position to provide the best possible support to those who need us, when they need us most.

As a team, we have looked at what our families need and how best we can provide that support and by developing our remote support service, we are not only able to support families in inner cities, but families in hard to reach communities and isolated parts of the UK. To find out more about our virtual service, please check out: https://childbraininjurytrust.org.uk/virtual-brain-injury-support/

The roll out of our virtual service is not something that is completely new, it’s more about clarifying what can work for you at the minute and making families and professionals aware that we are still providing the amazing service we have always done; for us it’s business as usual.

We want you to stay strong, remember that you have come through a lot already, much of which you never knew you had the strength to overcome.

There are still some tough times ahead, but remember, we are here for you!



Head of Brain Injury Services

Child Brain Injury Trust