We have been invited to take part in the ‘My Favourite Voucher Codes (MFVC) Charity Poll’ this February and we need your votes – here’s what to do:

Vote for the Child Brain Injury Trust in the MFVC charity poll this February so we can win 20% of their profit that month!

We are very excited to be taking part in this charity poll starting on Tuesday 1st February, but we need the help of all our supporters to be in with a chance of winning the prize. The voting takes under 30 seconds, and we will let you know exactly how you can do that below.

How does the charity poll work?

The charity which receives the donation each month is down to the visitors of MFVC’s website. Every visitor can vote for free, and there is no need to register or share any personal details. At the end of the month (in our case February), the charity who has the most votes will be the winner of the prize, which is why we need your support. The poll will be running from the 1st – 28th February and you will be able to cast your vote any time during this period. Be sure to share it with your colleagues, friends and families to give us the best chance on winning the donation.

Since their launch back in 2012, MFVC have saved money for their users whilst raising money for incredible causes every month and have raised over £60,000 for over 100 different causes.

How to Vote for the Child Brain Injury Trust in the Charity Poll

Follow the simple steps below to vote for us in less than 30 seconds:

  1. Head to the MFVC home page via this link.
  2. Find The poll on the right-hand side if you are browsing on a PC or scroll down a couple of pages if you are accessing from a mobile device.
  3. Select the Child Brain Injury Trust.
  4. Click on the vote button to validate your vote.

With these four simple steps you can help us be in with the chance of gaining vital funds to help support children and families that have been affected by acquired brain injuries.

Every time a user makes a purchase through the MFVC website the more significant the donation to the winning charity. If you shop online regularly, you can save a couple of extra pounds on your shopping and contribute to the donation at no extra cost. As MFVC run a charity poll every month, every time you visit their site and cast a vote or shop, you will have a huge impact on non-profit organisations who are working towards a better, safer and healthier world every day.