Art Exhibition 2019

Welcome to our 2019 Art Exhibition. Please see all paintings and their stories behind them below. This is an online silent auction. Each painting has a minimum bid of £180.

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“Inside My Brain” by Ella

This is a picture of my brain. Inside it are the feelings I have every day: happy, sad, tired and feeling sick. I have used emojis because they describe my feelings well. To place a bid please email



“Classroom” by Katie

This is me in my classroom at school. I’m in year 5 and I love school and also the periodic table which is on the classroom wall.  In the mornings, my 1-to-1 who is great, helps me do my work. Sometimes in the afternoon, if she not there, I get tired and also frustrated, like in the picture. Lots of children with brain injuries like me, get tired at school. To place a bid please email


“Scary Dino” by James

I feel like a big scary dinosaur when I get angry. My brain injury makes me feel angry. To place a bid please email



“Life is an uphill struggle” by David

Sometimes I feel normal and fit in and that makes me happy and other days life is a struggle and I find it hard to explain to people how I’m feeling – I then get stressed and kick off, then I’m sad because I’ve made everyone else sad.

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“My Busy Brain” by Annabel

My brain feels busy all the time, it never relaxes. Sometimes it makes me feel grey and locked in, but I always try and keep happy. An ADEM brain is a pain!

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