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The staff at assistive technology company IANSYST raised £556 for us in just one day, as part of a company wide Awareness and Fundraising day on 24th July.  The staff immersed themselves in the day, some even coming from their office in Scotland. 
Louise Wilkinson, the Trust’s Information and Learning Manager spent the day at the company’s main offices in Cambridge running an ABI awareness raising day for staff. The aim of the session was to help them better understand the issues that children and young people face in school following acquired brain injury, and encouraging them to think about how assistive technologies could be used across a variety of difficulties, not just dyslexia, which is what the firm currently specialise in.
The IANSYST staff had their “minds boggled” by engaging in a number of practical tasks in the afternoon which gave them a real insight into what it is like to have a brain injury.
IANSYST are also engaged in a pilot project with the Child Brain Injury Trust and some school aged young people,  who will be using some of the assistive technologies in schools for the first time.