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We’re delighted to let you know the Saatchi Gallery, which is one of the top art galleries in the UK, currently has artwork on display highlighting the 8 general areas of difficulty that children with an acquired brain injury often experience. The pictures were painted by some of the children we have supported and were originally painted for Action for Brain Injury Week. They will be on display at the Saatchi Gallery until Friday 4th September, the gallery is free entry and the nearest tube station is Sloane Square. We really want as many people as possible to see these powerful pieces of art, so please do tell your friends and colleagues about this important exhibition.

Francesca Wilson, Head of Education at the Saatchi Gallery said, “These paintings are extremely moving. We’ve had many school groups and visitors see the paintings and comment on how powerful they are. The visual expressions of the challenges faced daily by the children give the art works true originality and integrity.”

Lisa Turan, Chief Executive of the Child Brain Injury Trust said, “The paintings show some of the difficulties faced by children with an acquired brain injury every day. We want this exhibition to not just highlight some of the difficulties children with an acquired brain injury face. But also make adults think about how they act and react to children who may be exhibiting some of these behaviours and who unbeknown to them, have an acquired brain injury.”

“It can be very hard for people to understand an acquired brain injury, as the child may look the same as they did before they acquired their brain injury, but their behaviour may well be different.”

“We’re really thankful to the Saatchi Gallery for giving us this space to highlight what it’s like for children to live with a brain injury and to let people know about the free service we provide.

“All the work we do is only possibly through the generosity of supporters, and we are reliant on people doing fundraising events for us and donations. If you want to do something for the Child Brain Injury Trust, please visit or call our Head Office on 01869 341075.”

To view the first pieces of artwork
To view some more of the artwork