It’s now less than a month  until Action for Brain Injury Week 2019. Each year we try to bring you something new that will improve the lives of families affected by acquired brain injury. This year is no exception, in fact we are launching a number of fantastic new resources.

In our E-Magazine we told you all about our fantastic new book, Zero to Hero, coming soon. The author Sarah Mackie has written a blog post that explains all about the book, and the research that went into it, which you can read here

Now we want to tell you a little more about the rest of our plans for ABI week 2019. The Child Brain Injury Trust has always seen brain injury as something that impacts the whole family. The support we offer has never been limited to just the child who has acquired a brain injury, it has always been about much more than that.

So supporting the siblings of the child with an ABI is a big part of our work, and this May we are going to be highlighting this, as part of Action for Brain Injury Week.

We have so many resources from fact sheets to e-learning sessions that address sibling support, and more new fantastic materials in the pipeline. We have consulted the experts in this area, those children and young people who have grown up with a brother or sister who has a brain injury, and we thank them for being brave enough to share their stories and advice.

These first-hand experiences, tips and advice are going to be gathered into a new leaflet, especially for siblings of those with a brain injury. It can sometimes be much harder for a young person to express how they feel. How children react will largely depend on their age and understanding of the situation, as well as the kind of support that is available to them. Having a resource that makes them know they are not alone, will be a great help.



You can register your interest in being part of our Zero to Hero launch team by emailing

Keep an eye on all our social media to hear all our news as soon as it is released!

In the mean time there are a lot of resources available to you, right now, on our website:

Impact on the family e-learning

Impact on younger siblings, support strategies

The Child Brain Injury Trust also produces a book called “Rearrange your brain” for siblings under the age of 10. This can be obtained from the Trust by emailing or ordered from our online shop here: