Action for Brain Injury Week 2020

Each year during the campaign week the Child Brain Injury Trust focuses on an important issue to highlight the plight that families affected by childhood acquired brain injury have to live with.  We use the week to raise awareness of the issues and to celebrate the achievements of families who find themselves in this difficult and life changing situation.

This year we have aligned ourselves with Headway UK and are focusing on Memory Loss after ABI.

We have consulted the experts in this area, those families and professionals who deal with the consequences of ABI on a daily basis, and we thank them for being brave enough to share their stories, advice and tips around memory loss.

These first-hand experiences, tips and advice have been gathered to share with you throughout the week. We will touch on what memory is, the different types of memory and some useful resources and strategies to manage memory loss after ABI.

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We’ll be adding some quotes, fact-sheets and short video clips to this page, so stay tuned!