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Diamond Awards – Nominations

We are delighted to announce that our 30th Anniversary year will culminate with our fantastic Diamond Awards Gala.  This exclusive awards ceremony evening takes place on March 4th 2022 at the Hilton Doubletree Oxford Belfry, in the region where our wonderful charity was established.

The evening will be a celebration of those individuals and teams who’ve gone above and beyond to help the Child Brain Injury Trust meet our goals and enabled us to support many thousands of families.  Commending these individuals and organisations will be an exciting, emotional and rewarding experience; reflecting on the last 30 years whilst also looking into the future.

We are throwing our doors open and encouraging shortlisted awards entrants and our wider ‘family’ alike to join us for the evening and to pay tribute to some very special individuals and teams.




Before entering any nominations, please visit our Nominations Criteria page by clicking HERE.


Below you can find the criteria for each of the 11 award categories (click the + to view the criteria for each category). Once you have read the nominations criteria on the link above and the individual criteria for the award categories, you will find the nomination form at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions when filling the form in, please get in contact with us on marketing@cbituk.org.

Ensure you provide as much information as possible when filling in the form. We are really excited to see all the nominations!

Don’t forget that you can nominate for all the awards and you can nominate more than one person / team…


Diamond Award Categories and Criteria

Hospital Team Award

This award is for a team or hospital that has supported and worked with the charity either in the past, or is currently working with us, to help advance and improve support services for families affected by ABI so that the emerging needs of CYP are appropriately met.  This could be a new or improved pathway, or creation of a clearer team approach to achieve care excellence, for example.

Nominations can be made by the hospital, CBIT team, supporters and professionals.  The team should be able to demonstrate their commitment to the charity and to the families we support over a number of years, and clearly outline how they have advocated for the long-term support needs of CYP with ABI.  Teams can be from any hospital and any department, private or NHS.

*Please note that families cannot nominate this award as we want to award a hospital team who has impacted many families and worked with the charity to further our work.

Corporate Supporter Award

This award is for an organisation or company that has demonstrated impactful support for the charity.  Nominees will need to clearly demonstrate how the corporate has supported the charity and what tangible impact that support has had for the Child Brain Injury Trust.  The award entry should also provide context about the corporate supporter’s journey with us; when they became involved with CBIT and importantly, why they became involved with CBIT.

We are looking for nominations from the organisations themselves, or from anyone else associated with the organisation or company.  We would also like to see evidence of how that support has impacted the corporate’s business; has there been a development of the team, an increase in business for them, a better and more cohesive approach to CSR, or something completely different?

Outstanding Family Award

This award is for a family the Child Brain Injury Trust has supported in the past or present.  They will have shown resilience, pulled together as a family and have a story they are willing to share.

Members of the CBIT team can nominate families for this award, but they must have agreement from the family.  The entry should offer information about the family’s circumstances prior to receiving support from CBIT; tell us about how the family became aware of CBIT, what support they received and how that support had a transformational impact for their family.  We want to hear about the family’s journey and what interventions the charity has made, in order to carve a better future for the family.

The winning family must be able to attend the awards event on the 4th March 2022 in Oxfordshire.

Young Achiever for Inspiration and Impact Award

This award is to celebrate a young person who has been impacted by ABI in the past or is currently being impacted.  They may have an ABI themselves or be a sibling of a child or young person with an ABI.  They must be willing to share their story and demonstrate how they have adapted and or supported the charity or others.  They should be inspirational and their story should be uplifting.

Members of the CBIT team can nominate a young person, but they must have agreement from the family/young person.  Young people can enter or be entered for this award up to the age of 30.  We are very keen to hear from young people, but they must have parental consent if under 18 years old.

The winning family must be able to attend the awards event on the 4th March 2022 in Oxfordshire.

Outstanding Individual Supporter Award

This award celebrates the achievements of an individual who has shown outstanding support to the charity.  They should be able to demonstrate how they have supported the charity past and present, and the impact this has had on them and the charity.  They can be an individual that has fundraised for us, provided support ‘in kind’, helped the charity progress our work, introduced the charity to funding opportunities and/or been a ‘champion’ of our cause.

Anyone can nominate a person for this category including members of CBIT team.

Collaboration Award

This award is to celebrate what can be achieved via collaboration.  Entrants for this category should be organisations that have worked in partnership with our charity to progress the work of CBIT and/or to raise awareness of ABI.  You should be able to demonstrate that the outcome of the collaboration has had a significant positive impact on families and the development of our work.

Nominations for this category can be made by anyone, including CBIT team members.  The award is for an organisation, charity, company or team within a larger organisation who can clearly demonstrate how they have collaborated with CBIT to make a difference.

Lifetime Achievers Award

This is a discretionary award that the charity will be presenting to an individual who has a long-term relationship with the charity.  They can be a volunteer, supporter or family member past or present and can clearly demonstrate the impact their involvement with the charity has had.

Outstanding ABI Educator Award

This award will celebrate the efforts and impact that an educator has given to raise awareness of ABI in an education setting or who has provided support to a child/young person.  They might be a head teacher, a teacher, a special educational needs teacher/assistant, a play worker, hospital school teacher/assistant or a school, college, early years establishment.  They will have truly stood out and made a difference to the education experience of a child/young person affected by ABI.

Nominations for this award can be made by anyone, including members of the CBIT team.

Advocacy Award

This award celebrates the impact that an individual, team or organisation has had by working either directly or indirectly with us to raise awareness of the profile of Childhood ABI and our charity.   Entrants should demonstrate that through their action, or securing of an opportunity on our behalf, that our work has been substantially advanced and that this advancement continues to make a difference to the service we deliver today.

Nominations for this category can come from anyone, including the CBIT team.

Professional Supporter Award

This award celebrates the achievements of an outstanding professional supporter within a clinical or therapeutic setting who has worked alongside our teams to enhance the family’s rehabilitation journey.

They can be an individual from either a statutory or a private organisation, however they must demonstrate aligned values, evidence of how they have added value to our work to advance support to families and what working with our charity means to them.  Nominations for this category can come from any source, including the CBIT team.

Rising Star Award

The future of our charity is as important as celebrating our past and present activity.  We want to celebrate the achievements of a ‘rising star’ who is working with the charity to help secure our future.  Entrants for this award could be from a number of different settings.  They could be individuals from the corporate sector who either currently support and fundraise for us, or are challenging their companies to offer more support for us.  They could be members of a hospital team or public sector organisation that has started to champion the charity and raise its profile internally.  They could be individuals who are outside of our usual supporter or professional network and helping us to raise awareness.

Nominations should be for individuals or organisations who have aligned values, can demonstrate their engagement, commitment and passion for our work and how they are making a difference.

Nominations for this category can come from any source, including the CBIT team.

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