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Murder Mystery Night Out

Before Christmas we held a Facebook poll to see what parents wanted to do for a night out, the winner by a long way was a murder mystery night. So on the 27th February 20 of us met up at Restaurant 25 in Belfast for a nice meal, and as we sat down we heard a message from M at M16 that we had a crime to solve involving diamonds, casinos, cards, questionable character names and a fake cat called Sushi. Basically everything a good James Bond story needs. Over the course of the meal we met each of 4 suspects, and heard their background stories and excuses we then had a chance to question them. Unfortunately every team fell for one or other red herring and whilst the answers were entertaining nobody got it right – even those with deerstalker hats! On the plus side the food was good and the company was even better.



  “the best event imaginable – mixing with other parents”