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Sibling event at T13

This year we held our first ever sibling event at T13 in Belfast. This was a chance for brothers and sisters of those with an ABI to do something by themselves. It was also an opportunity to meet other young people in the same situation. We decided to hold this event at one of Belfast’s newest venues where the focus is on urban sports and the instructors are young volunteers who compete internationally in their chosen sports. Running over two days we got to try out scooting, skateboarding, bmx riding and free running. There were also instructors in DJing, breakdancing and hip hop dancing and everyone worked together on some urban art pieces with graffiti artist Frizelle.

Believe it or not none of this stuff is as easy as the instructors made it look but everyone had a great time and tried everything  “It was really fun, and I’m glad I gave everything a go” reported one participant.  We had arranged passes for the parents to visit the Titanic Museum while all this was going on and enjoyed burgers and pulled pork for lunch. Some participants found they had a natural flair for one activity or another and some not so much!