Thursday, August 1 2019 - Tuesday, February 1 2022
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(CPD Standards Office Accredited – 9 hours accredited)

MODULE 1 – Course Induction and ABI Overview – 40 minutes

  • Pre Module Preparation – 45 minutes

Public Health England Report – Reducing unintentional injuries in and around the home among children under five years

  • Post Module Assignment – 500 Words

Why is this course important for Early Years practitioners?


MODULE 2 – Basic Brain Function – 80 minutes

  • Pre Module Preparation – 30 minutes

Research on neurons

2 x Video Clips

  • Post Module Assignment – 500 Words

Why is the frontal lobe important? What is the possible impact if this lobe is damaged?


MODULE 3 – Understanding Childhood Acquired Brain Injury – 60 minutes

  • Pre Module Preparation – 30 minutes

Ben’s Case Study

  • Post Module Assignment – 500 Words

What are Ben’s missing milestones? What could you do to support him and his family?


MODULE 4 – Prevention, Awareness and Strategies – 60 minutes

  • Pre Module Preparation – 30 minutes

Oliver’s Case Study

  • Post Module Assignment – 750 Words

Prepare an overview, to share with colleagues, of your learning from this course.


Online Assessment of Learning – 45 Minutes


On completion of the Early Years Course participants will further their understanding of:

  • Why there needs to be greater awareness of acquired brain injury in early years settings
  • Basic Brain functions and the impact of ABI on a young child
  • How children acquire brain injuries
  • Prevention of head injury and ABI
  • The impact on the family of having a child with an ABI
  • Strategies for support


This CPD Standards Office accredited course will be of benefit to all early years childcare practitioners including:

  • Early Years Area Managers
  • Nursery/Child Care Managers
  • Nursery Nurses
  • Room Leaders
  • Nursery Assistants
  • Childcare apprentices
  • Childminders


When we have received your completed module one we will then send you the next module for completion. If you have any questions about the course please email


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