Molly’s Story

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After complications during an operation to remove a brain tumour, Molly awoke unable to move and speak. The family were referred to the Child Brain Injury Trust for support through the Neurology team at the hospital, ensuring support at the acute stage and helping with the transition back into their community.

How did we help?
The Child Brain Injury Trust provided information about acquired brain injury to Mum and other family members who were struggling to understand the impact that the injury is likely to have as Molly grows.

We provided emotional support to Molly, her Mum and extended family, particularly her Aunty who is very close to the family. We visited Molly and her mum on a regular basis providing some level of respite to them and an opportunity for both Molly and her mum to chat informally to non-medical staff.

We undertook research on behalf of the family and provided information and strategies around managing behaviours as these became evident in Molly. We also worked with other agencies and signposted Molly’s mum to other organisations that may be useful in the future once Molly is back at home.

We spoke to Molly’s mum about housing adaptations and how to access them.

In 2013 it was identified that a period of specialist neurophysiotherapy would be beneficial for Molly to be become more mobile. Molly went to a free assessment and her mum was keen to access this for her. We worked with Mum to identify possible grant giving charities and contact them on the family’s behalf to find out how support may be accessed. We also worked with mum to create a fundraising page and through this and other grant giving organisations successfully managed to gain over £2,000 of funding for the family to access 30 sessions of specialist therapy for Molly.

What difference did this make?
Molly’s Mum is more aware of the things available to her with regards to caring for Molly, such as equipment and housing adaptations.

Mum is able to stay with Molly while she is in hospital and her extended family are aware of funding opportunities that may be able to support her.

Emotionally Molly’s Mum and family have been able to come to terms with what has happened to Molly.

Molly herself is beginning to accept what has happened. Behaviour strategies are helping Molly’s Mum to deal with any frustrations and behavioural difficulties Molly has.

Molly has made a very good recovery and is now able to speak again and has some movement. She is undergoing regular physiotherapy and speech and language therapy.

Mum’s emotional wellbeing has been helped by having access to information and signposting. This has helped her to come to terms with the different aspects of ABI.

Molly has also been able to chat and ask questions about what has happened and what may happen in the future.

Quotes from the family

“Thank you for chatting to us. It’s so helpful to get this information and to know we’re doing the right things and there’s other people who understand what we’re going through.”
“I worry that things will be a bit bumpy once Molly is back home. Thank you for being there and for offering continued support.”