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We provide information, support and training to anyone affected by childhood acquired brain injury. This includes the child or young person themselves, their family and the professionals that support them.

We Offer

  • A range of fact sheets explaining how to deal with different issues children and families may experience
  • Publications addressing important issues such as education and transition
  • Directory of legal professionals and services


The Child Brain Injury Trust has produced a number of factsheets about acquired brain injury and you can download these from our factsheets page.

We also have several useful and informative publications available. For more information about these, or if you would like to buy a copy please contact us at

If you are a parent or young person and you would like one of these publications, please contact your Child and Family Support Coordinator or our Helpline for your first copy free of charge.

Our Publications

Childhood Acquired Brain Injury Booklet
Some consequences for brain injured school students, their families, teachers and schools.

The purpose of this booklet is to draw to the attention of teachers and families the ways in which some of the effects of ABI can show themselves in school.

£3 plus p&p

Hot Topics for Young People : Learning from the Experts
Learning from the Experts is a set of fact sheets which were developed by young people with an acquired brain injury who have first hand knowledge of the things that other young people are likely to experience, which is why they are the experts.

The topics covered include:
1. Memory at home
2. Memory at school
3. Tiredess
4. Staying mates with my mates


Must Try Harder DVD and Booklet
This DVD is a 16 minute film featuring children, families and teaching and medical professionals with an accompanying information booklet.

£6 plus  p&p

All About Me
A resource for children and their families to help manage information and track the journey from the onset of acquired brain injury.

£5 plus p&p

You’re Not the Only One
An A5 booklet about the feelings of young people whose brother or sister has had a head injury.

£2 plus p&p

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