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Welcome to the fun zone!

We have lots of different things for you to do, to take you to a world of fun and entertainment, but we need your jokes and pictures. So here’s a challenge for you. Send us your pictures of you making a jelly brain or making an egg helmet, and we’ll make you famous by putting them on our website!

Make your own brain!

To get an idea of what the brain looks and feels like, have a go at creating your own brain out of jelly!

Materials Required:

  • 2 packs of blackcurrant jelly
  • Tin of condensed milk
  • ½ pack of part-cooked spaghetti (optional!)
  • Aluminium foil
  • Large plastic bowl

Instructions for Making the Mould:

1. Shape the tinfoil into a rough brain shape and put it into your mixing bowl

2. Arrange some part-cooked spaghetti in the base and sides of the mould

Instructions for Making the Jelly:

1. Make the jelly according to the instructions on the packet, but replace four tablespoons of water with four tablespoons of condensed milk (this will hopefully give the jelly an opaque, grey brain colour)

2. Put the jelly into the fridge to set.

3. Once set remove from the mould and discard the spaghetti strands.

The finished jelly brain will roughly resemble the texture and colour of a human brain. The spaghetti should give the jelly a wrinkly look, just like the appearance of the cerebral cortex, the outer part of the brain.

Now, get a spoon and enjoy. Just don’t tell Mum and Dad it’s only jelly!

Try it yourself and send us your pictures, we’ll try and get them put online for others to see.

On your bike!

A person’s head is similar to an egg – it is very fragile and needs to be protected from hitting hard things. The best way to protect your head and brain when you are on a bike, horse or skateboard is to wear a helmet. Try designing your own helmet to see the effects of wearing a helmet verses not wearing one…

You can even have a competition with your friends or family members to see who can design the safest helmet!

Materials Required:
  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Felt-tip pens to draw on a face
  • Polystyrene cups, egg boxes, string, tissues and any other junk that could be used to make an egg helmet
  • Newspaper


1. Using the felt-tip pens, draw a face on the egg so that it looks like a head.

2. Using the junk or craft materials (polystyrene cup, egg boxes, tissues etc) make a helmet that will fit on the egg.

3. See what happens to the egg when you drop it on to a piece of newspaper on the floor.

4. Now try dropping the egg again, but this time with it’s homemade helmet on.

5. The person whose egg survives has made the safest helmet and has won!

6. You can experiment using different materials and designs.

Top Tip:

Just like in real life, you may find that the egg survives better when there is a chin strap to hold the helmet in place!

Quiz Time!

Put your skills to the test with our quick quiz. The answers can be found throughout the site so make sure you have a good read through the Youth Zone pages in order to complete the quiz.

No cheating!


Question 1 – True or False

A. A human brain is smaller than an elephant’s brain
B. Your brain is mostly made of water
C. The brain stops growing around the age of 12
D. Your brain is the heaviest organ in your body

Question 2 – Your skull is as thick as:

A. 3 five pound notes
B. 3 pennies
C. 3 pound coins

Question 3 – How long can your brain survive without oxygen before it starts to die?

Question 4 – Can a brain cell repair itself?











Question 1

A. True – A human brain is smaller than an elephants
B. True – About 72% of your brain is made of water and a good reason to drink plenty of water to keep it in good working order
C. False – your brain continues to grow and develop until you are about 20 years old
D. False – your skin is the heaviest organ in your body

Question 2

Answer B, 3 pennies

Question 3

Your brain begins to die after about 6 minutes without oxygen

Question 4

A brain cell can’t repair itself but what often happens is another part of the brain takes which is used for something else takes over and your brain gets very tired as it is a bit overloaded!

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