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The road to recovery – support for you and your family.

When childhood brain injury strikes, whole families’ lives are shattered.

The Child Brain Injury Trust understands what families are going through when a child suffers a major traumatic injury. The road to recovery can seem like a long and difficult journey.  However, even if you think no one is to blame for your child’s injury, it’s really important to get independent advice from an expert legal professional and the very best for your child’s rehabilitation. But not just any legal professional…

We work alongside the very best law firms in the UK who have proven their expertise in complex children’s brain injury cases. They know just what it takes to get results for your child’s future.


The London Legal Support Service can help you with:

  • Securing access to welfare benefits you might be entitled to
  • Understanding the litigation process
  • Funding arrangements for a legal case
  • Employment law advice for parents
  • Ensuring your child has access to the education they deserve
  • And much more

The Child Brain Injury Trust London Legal Support Service is provided by:



Moore Blatch

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