The Rearrange project

In March 2016 the Child Brain Injury Trust were one of five charities to seek support to win £50,000 from the People’s Lottery (Wales), and we were delighted that we received incredible support with the public vote and won this fantastic grant.

The grant has enabled us to deliver a school awareness project to help children aged 5-10 to learn about their amazing brains, and how they can use simple methods to help their brains cope when things go wrong, as they sometimes do.

lottery-logo-smallEach primary school across Wales has been offered the opportunity to apply for a full FREE OF CHARGE resource pack that contains all they need to run a one hour PHSE lesson, which will include a NEW book by popular children’s author Sarah Mackie – Rearrange Your Brain.



Each FREE Rearrange Classroom Pack will contain:

  • A copy of the Rearrange your Brain book in both English and Welsh
  • A set of learning resources for teaching staff to copy and use in the classroom
  • Links to the interactive Workshop presentation for teachers
  • An Information Pack for every child in each participating class containing:
    • A bookmark, slider puzzle and sticker
    • Details about the charity for parents
    • Acquired Brain Injury Symptoms card and information for parents


Designed to accompany the book, popular children’s author – Sarah Mackie could visit your school to deliver a 60-minute workshop aimed at teaching children about the wonders of their brain and how they might use it to deal with feelings of stress and overwhelm. Click link above to find out how.

rearrange-front-coverThe workshop is aimed at Key stage two and is a fully interactive session that includes:

  • How the brain works
  • The importance of perseverance and practice
  • Eating healthily & looking after your brain
  • Cognitive behavioural strategy for dealing with stress
  • A brain puzzle for every child


About the book

The subject of childhood brain injury might not be at the top of many reading lists but with an estimated three children in every class suffering from some form of diagnosable mental health disorder the issue is becoming increasingly topical.

Originally written for the siblings of affected children, it soon became clear that Sarah’s approach could have a far wider impact. The book incorporates a cognitive behavioral therapy in its narrative, specifically designed to demonstrate to readers how resilient their brain is and how they can learn to control feelings of concern and overwhelm.

This difficult theme is tackled sensitively by the author who uses rhyme to aid accessibility and support retention across this wide age range. While the inclusion of a refrain is put to excellent use, reinforcing the cognitive behavioral therapy which is visually represented by the use of colour.

The story begins with our main character playing with friends at the park when she learns that her older brother has suffered a fall which results in him being taken to hospital in an ambulance.

We are then very gently led through the girl’s thought process as she encounters isolation, rejection, confusion, jealousy and fear. Using the cognitive behavioral therapy to help her deal with these negative emotions, she learns to look at each situation in a more positive light, until she and her family have adjusted to their change in family dynamic.

The book is available in both English and Welsh and also in large print.


About the Author

sarah-mackieSarah Mackie is a multi-award winning marketer who volunteers for PetsAsTherapy in local schools as part of the Read2Dogs scheme. Her debut children’s novel – Out of Time – The Sam Bentley Adventures was written specifically for reluctant readers and has sold all over the world.

“Although Sarah is a relatively new author we loved the fact that she volunteers in schools and that she really understands the way children view the world. Her work has a strong moral core while maintaining a modern voice, elements that shone through during the selection process.”



Louise Wilkinson, Information and Learning Manager, Child Brain Injury Trust