Cycling is a very popular sport, and more and more children are enjoying this fun and healthy way to get around. Children should be encouraged to enjoy cycling, but there are dangers to be aware of. It is important for adults to set a good example and to make sure your children are properly trained and have access to the right clothing and equipment to help keep them safe.

There are a number of simple ways to encourage children to cycle safely:

  • Always wear a cycle helmet yourself and ensure they wear theirs
  • Wear brightly coloured and reflective clothing, even when cycling in daylight
  • When cycling at night, always use front and rear lights & reflectors on your bike
  • Always obey traffic signs and the rules of the road
  • Concentrate on other traffic and watch out for other road users all the time
  • Help your children to plan the safest routes for journeys they make
  • Always use cycle lanes and cycle paths wherever possible

One of the best ways to encourage your child to enjoy safe cycling is to enrol them in some cycle safety training. Encourage your children to take part in training whilst at primary school through the Cycling Proficiency Scheme.

The Cycling Proficiency Scheme is an initiative of the Department of Environment Road Safety Education Service. These schemes are offered all over the UK and give children a good understanding of the key points of cycle and road safety. It’s lots of fun too.