Road traffic accidents are the biggest cause of death and disability among young people in the UK. They are also one of the biggest causes of acquired brain injury in children and young people. Many of the young people who are involved in these situations are needlessly injured, as the injury could have been avoided. They often involve accidents in cars, on scooters and motorbikes, but also bicycles and pedestrians on foot.

Here are a few simple tips for teaching your children about road safety:

  • Always hold a child’s hand when walking near a road
  • Always choose a safe place to cross roads like zebra, pelican or toucan crossing. Explain to them why it is safer
  • Explain to children it is not safe to cross where they can’t see far along the road
  • Don’t cross roads between parked cars
  • Use the Green Cross Code with children – explain that you have to stop at the kerb, then look both ways and listen for traffic before crossing
  • When it’s safe to cross, walk straight across the road and keep looking and listening for traffic
  • Always use a zebra or light controlled crossing, or a school crossing patrol if there is one
  • Always walk on the pavement or path if there is one – never stray on to the road
  • Where there is no pavement, walk in single file on the right side of the road facing the traffic