Safety Helmets

Whether cycling, horse riding, skiing, climbing or playing contact sports, the risk of head injury is always there. Wearing protective helmets can reduce the risk of sustaining a head injury, and ultimately can save lives. Children, and adults, should always wear an appropriate helmet for the sporting or leisure activity they are taking part in.

On average half of the road injuries received by cyclists are to the face and the head. Make sure your child always wears a correctly fitted helmet to protect against head injuries should they fall.


It should be worn correctly, which means it:

  • is positioned squarely on the head, sitting just above the eyebrows, not tilted back or tipped forwards
  • must be a snug fit and should not stop them seeing clearly or cover their ears
  • has its straps securely fastened and not twisted, with only enough room for two fingers between their chin and the strap

Nowadays helmets are a relatively cheap item to buy, and are widely available. One important thing to remember is to ensure that a helmet fits properly. Your local sports or bike shop will be able to help make certain the helmet fits properly. This picture shows how to correctly fit a cycle helmet.

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