We’re not re-inventing the wheel; we’re just doing our part to spread the message about keeping children safe from harm. There are lots of great organisations that are working hard to prevent accidents and promote safety, and they have lots of wonderful resources.

The links below will take you to the websites, organisations and information we have quoted throughout this campaign:

  • Brake, the road safety charity, offers a variety of road safety advice for all ages and campaigns to make our roads safer.
  • Road Safety GB is a national road safety organisation that includes representatives from groups across the UK, such as local government road safety teams.
  • THINK! provides road safety information for all road users, aiming to reduce the number of people killed on the road through encouraging safer behaviour.
  • The Children’s Traffic Club is a fun interactive tool to help children learn vital road safety information.
  • Child Safety Week is an annual campaign held in June by the Child Accident Prevention Trust.
  • The Bicycle Helmet Initiative Trust promotes safer cycling with a dedicated interactive kid’s zone website with games and important information.
  • 3M Streetwise has dedicated areas for pupils, parents and teachers to provide information on road and cycle safety.
  • Tales of the Road offers interactive games to help children learn about road safety.
  • Bikeability the new cycling proficiency scheme; you can use this website to find your closest session.