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NewLaw Solicitors

NewLaw Solicitors have supported the Child Brain Injury Trust for a number of years. For 2014 we were their chosen Charity of the Year. We are pleased to announce the partnership raised over £10,000.

Most notably NewLaw Solicitors held their Annual Charity Ball in September 2014 with proceeds going to the Child Brain Injury Trust in 2014. This year was of particular importance, as the company celebrated their 10th anniversary. But the fundraising did not stop there. Members of staff held bake sales, office sweepstakes and ran the Cardiff 10K to raise much needed funds for the Charity.

In 2015, we were pleased to announce NewLaw Solicitors as the Charity’s Legal Support Service Provider for Wales. NewLaw continue to work with the Charity locally, with the Family Support Coordinator in the area and are members of the Cardiff Fundraising Group. You can visit their website here.

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