ABI Aware Schools Award: Training and Learning Opportunities

"Understanding childhood acquired Brain Injury"One Day Workshops (5.5.hours CPD certified)

Course Overview            

  • What is an acquired brain injury?
    • Introduction to childhood acquired brain injury
    • What to look for, areas of difficulty
  • Impact on the family
    • Debunking myths
    • Supporting a child with a brain injury
    • Support strategies
    • Active participation tasks
    • Learning strategies
    • Understanding acquired childhood brain injury

These workshops are currently unavailable due to Covid-19 restrictions. However, we are delivering via our virtual platform in May and June 2021. Please visit https://childbraininjurytrust.org.uk/workshops/ for current availability.

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ABI Awareness Sessions – whole school

There is a 45 minute online session that all staff at the school need to view explaining about the award and an overview of acquired brain injury. This can be used in short training sessions at times to suit the your school.

There is an additional further session on childhood encephalitis that should be viewed in tandem with the above e-learning session.

The Award Lead will be sent the links for these sessions on application for the award.

Certificate in Understanding and Managing Childhood ABI (10 hours CPD Certified)

Participants will view a minimum of 8 online e-learning sessions, plus a minimum of 3 optional topics, complete a 1,000 word assignment, and an online assessment.  This training will include looking in more detail at specific areas that can affect children and young people in education following ABI. Topics include Social Skills, Perception (visual and cognitive) , Attention & Concentration, Communication, Executive Functioning, Fatigue, Memory and Behaviour.

This set of e-Learning is primarily aimed at the Award Lead and/or Inclusion SEN lead, as they will need to complete as part of the Element 2.2.  Additional participants from your school are also welcome to register for this online CPD course.

The full schedule and registration options will be available shortly.

Peer Awareness Session

This is a presentation that the school can use as part of PHSE/PSED/PSHCE curriculum looking at disability and diversity; the aim of the session is to help peers understand why their friend(s) may be “different” after their illness or accident.

If the school has a child (children) with a recognised ABI please also seek the parent/carers permission if you feel it will be beneficial to deliver this session in the context of a particular student.

The link for this session will be sent to schools as part of their initial Award Pack on application.

Amazing Brains classroom activities

This is a set of curriculum based age appropriate classroom activities to reinforce why our brain are so important and why we need to look after them.

A full set of age appropriate Lesson Plans will be sent out to the Award Lead upon acceptance of their Application request