Fundraising for schools

There are lots of different ways your school can get involved with fundraising that kids will love. Please reach out to for specific school resources including certificates, and a fundraising target poster.

Bake sale

Bake sale

Bake sales are a great way to fundraise. Whether it’s after school on a Friday or during the day it’s a great way for people to be able to contribute – not to mention delicious! Ice cream and lolly sales are great in the Summer too to raise money.


Charity sports competition

Is your school full of fab footballers, or noteworthy netballers, full of rapid runners or joyful gymnastics? You could hold a tournament or event to get pupils and teachers involved, with the whole school cheering you on.


Non-school Uniform Day

You could tie this in with our Glow Week campaign. This campaign runs when the clocks change in Autumn, making it darker earlier when lots of children are returning from school. During this time there is a spike a road traffic collisions, which can result in a brain injury. The brighter people are dressed the better!

Sponsored walk, cycle or scoot

Why not get everyone involved in a sponsored walk, cycle or scoot, what the distance that is right for your school. Local businesses may be able to offer sponsorship and is a great whole school activity.

Guess the number of ___

Every human brain contains over one hundred billion neurons. Why don’t you hold a guess the number of sweets in the jar, or any object you seem fit. The nearest guess could win whatever is in the jar.


A school disco is a great end of term or half term event that could be used a fundraiser. By having a set ticket price, sweets, drinks and glow sticks for sale this is a wonderful opportunity to have a great time and raise money.