Everybody has their own story to share about how their family has been affected by childhood acquired brain injury.

We would like to thank all those people who have already shared their experience and feedback.

“Jennifer honestly that was the best party last night, well done to you and Jill. The best 2 hours of our year, up there with Disney on Ice in Oct and flying kite on Bute in May as my top 3 memories this year. Sophia can’t remember the other 2 so I hope this memory sticks! xx”

Francesca-Mum, Scotland

“Christmas wonderland is amazing, the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The elves were fantastic. Thank you so much to Lauren and Jacqueline at CBIT.”

“Brilliant event, location is great and the activities on were 1st class. Everyone was so helpful and friendly.”

“Good fun.”

“This is an amazing experience for the younger children.”

“Excellent venue, good activities.”

“We enjoyed the event, although difficult for a wheelchair iser as needed to go on gravel track and tractor access was difficult.”

“Kids loved it, would do it again.”

“Brilliant day out. Kids had a ball.”

“The whole day has been wonderful. Truly magical place.”

“Loved it! Very well done.”

“Absolutely fantastic. Adults and children had an amazing time.”

Families attending NI Christmas Event

Dear Jennifer,

I just wanted to drop you a note to say a big thank to you for your help and effort regarding the presentation of our son.

You have helped us as a family immensely in your function as representative of the Child Brain Injury Trust. You were able to present and explain the difficulties following acquired brain injury in every-day functioning exceedingly well to the various groups of professionals our family is involved with. I have been present at your talk to Social Work and community support representatives and I was impressed. I admired your professional presentation which was perfectly aimed at the recipients including a question and answer session. You presented and explained the sequela of acquired brain injury with special consideration to our son’s presentation who is affected by marked impairment of social and verbal communication difficulties. You offered us as a family a chance to contribute and ‘personalise’ your talk with the experiences our son has made in the school environment, at home and in respite settings. This in turn helped the professionals understand the difficulties our son faces far better than before.

In addition, you have supported our daughter in understanding better what brain injury means to her interaction with her brother.

You represent a very much needed professional support and voice for affected families in interactions with other professional agencies including the NHS but in addition, you have offered kind and insightful interaction with us, a family in need of support. I am very grateful for all the work you have offered to us as a family. I am delighted that you are able to work for families like ours for the Child Brain Injury Trust.

Gabriele-Mother, Scotland

On 2nd May 2017, at the age of 15 I had a stroke. Initially the help and support I received from the medical professions was extremely slow.

When we got home from hospital, my mum got in touch with the local Stroke Association, unfortunately they were unable to offer any other help than support, as I was under 16.

My mum then joined a Facebook group page called ‘My child had a stroke’, where she found out about Anna Panton, Childhood Stroke Project Manager for the Stroke Association, who then put us in touch with Maria Wilson, Child Brain Injury Trust, Child and Family Support Coordinator.

Maria has been a fantastic support to me, also my family, school and medical professionals. I would like to thank them, Dr Curran my neurologist and my family for their continued support.

Ethan-child with an acquired brain injury

Hi Kelly,

I’m raving about you to everyone!!

So much positive feedback from staff, they’re still talking about it!

We’re doing initial ACE training this term but will be working on this all year so may be in touch!

Thanks again for the session, it was fab!

Siân-Assistant Head 3-14 / Makaton Regional Tutor

Just saw the SENCO teacher at my children’s school who attended the CBIT training yesterday, Understanding Childhood ABI by Louise Wilkinson.

She said it was brilliant and such an eye-opener.  She will be sharing her new-found knowledge with the rest of the staff to raise awareness – yay!


“Thank you to CBIT for the Christmas party.  The boys had a great time and asked before we left if they could come back next year.”


“Really felt we’d been left high and dry and then the Child Brain Injury Trust stepped in and were brilliant.”

“To be honest, I’d be lost without them.  Jacqueline has been with us, coming to school meetings with us, providing money for holidays or family days out, helping us write letters, just being there when she’s been needed.  She’s been amazing.”

“There have been times I felt alone and I remember crying my eyes out down the phone to the Child Brain Injury Trust.  Jacqueline is our family coordinator and that’s exactly what she does.  She helps coordinate everything.  I don’t think I could’ve got through this if it hadn’t been for her support.”

Nicola Gorman, Mother - Northern Ireland