CBIT In Hand

CBIT In Hand – a digital intervention and accessible extension to our service…

What does the app do?

CBIT In Hand is the first ever digital health intervention for families affected by Childhood Acquired Brain Injury.

It gives parents and families access to virtual support for childhood concussion, head injury and acquired brain injury (ABI).

It reaches more professionals who need advice and support around this subject.

It provides access to tailored information, at your fingertips, when needed.

It offers a vast range of resources and signposting to relevant organisations.

It puts the difficult terminology into a more readable and simpler form, for all to understand.

CBIT in Hand serves as an adaptable information portal providing information at every stage of a family’s journey after sustaining concussion, head injury or an ABI.

How do I access the app?

You can download the app now by visiting the App Store or Play Store links, you can search for

CBIT In Hand on both stores, OR you can simply scan this QR code on your phone:


The Market Place of products and services

Brand new to CBIT in Hand is the Market Place, a brand-new service where specialist providers of products and services can be accessed by users. The Market Place is a dedicated section in the app where users can browse a catalogue of therapists, assistive living products, educational products, financial products, specialist clothes etc. Users are able access suppliers and purchase products or services that have been approved by us.  The Market Place is a trusted place where users can access products that CBIT have vetted and could be hard to find ordinarily.  The Market Place is growing every day and we are excited to offer this new service in-app.

Access to legal support

If users think they may need legal advice, they can now access this from the CBIT in Hand app.  Whether it’s to find out about compensation, or housing issues, education concerns, family issues or any other form of legal advice.  In the past if a user needed to access our legal partners they would have had to log on to our website, then search for the right page and then further search for the right legal provider.  Now users can easily access and navigate legal support directly from CBIT in Hand.  Simply open the app and navigate to the legal section for direct access to our specialist legal providers.

A place to store your important contacts

Through our conversations with families, we know that keeping all those important contacts in one place can be really annoying.  So CBIT in Hand offers a place to keep these contacts together.  An easy access point for users to store important contacts such as teachers, therapists, physio and professional contact details including email, address and telephone numbers.  These can then be accessed easily via the app.


Simplified guides for support

We have listened to feedback about how users access information in the app and are delighted to announce that the upgrade includes a simplified process to access the support information. This will enhance users experience and make information even more readily available ‘in-hand’. There are now less steps to get to the information that users need.

Quick Support through Facebook Messenger

Due to increased demand for support, CBIT in Hand is now able to offer users direct support to one of our ‘virtual support’ team members.  Users are now able to send a ‘quick message’ through Facebook Messenger (directed from the app) if they can’t find what they are looking, or if they need a person to speak to. Although this is not a 24-hour contact, our team at the Child Brain Injury Trust will aim to respond within a 24hr period (Monday-Friday).

Improved Clinician access

Clinicians and professionals are now able to access new areas of the app and can simply share the app with families using an in-app QR code, making it a really simple process for them.

In-app notifications

We are now able to send users notification to let them know about new products in the Market Place as well as news about what we are doing and new content in the app.  It’s a simple way of us keeping in contact with users without filling up their inboxes.

Hospital pilot and roll-out

CBIT In Hand was piloted for a short while in the A&E departments at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Alder Hey Hospital. We want to say a huge thank you to both hospitals for being involved with the launch, pilot and the continued development of the app.

Due to the success of the pilot hospitals, we have rolled out the app to other hospitals across the UK. These hospitals include; Great North Children’s Hospital, Greater Manchester Children’s Hospital, Sheffield Children’s Hospital and Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital.

This roll-out across multiple hospitals enables the app to reach many more families in need of support. We have received some fantastic feedback….

Feedback from a patient

“The app is great. It definitely helped with explaining everything in simple terms”

PATIENT IN Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

Feedback from Hospital

The CBIT app empowers the team to know we are giving standardised, evidence-based advice to families. It acts as an extra safety net and gives parents a resource to have confidence in their child’s recovery. The fact that the information can be tailored to the user is unique and allows users to feel that although this is a national resource, it is still individual to their needs

Nina Currie – Paediatric Trauma Coordinator, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital

Gillian Winter – Paediatric Major Trauma Centre Lead, Royal Aberdeen Children’s Hospital


Here’s Lisa Turan, our CEO, explaining a bit more about the APP…


For more information please email marketing@cbituk.org

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