Give a Child a Chance – The Child Brain Injury Trust’s Small Grants Programme

Up to £125 towards a social activity for siblings and children with a ABI.

This grant is available to any family supported by the Child Brain Injury Trust to help with reducing isolation and enabling families to participate in social activities.  The grant can also be used for equipment and items that make life more comfortable for families.

Examples of the type of awards we have made include:

Dance lessons

Family outings

Weighted blankets

Music lessons

Swimming sessions/lessons

Please note we will not pay for contact sport lessons such as kick boxing, trampolines or anything that could lead to someone sustaining a brain injury.

Nieve simply cannot stop smiling about her “super girly” pink chair awarded to her by the Child Brain Injury Trust. Thanks for the ongoing help and support and for making our girl so happy during a difficult time.

Nieve’s Dad (Alan)

Grants from Other Organisations

Below are other organisations that may be able to provide financial assistance following childhood ABI.

Contact a Family produces a list of organisations, which give grants to families with a child with a disability. Many of these specify that applications should be made by a professional on behalf of the family.
Tel: 0808 808 3555


The Family Fund helps families on a low income, caring at home, for a severely disabled or seriously ill child, under the age of 16.
Tel: 0845 130 45 42


Children Today provides grants for vital, life-changing and specialised equipment for children and young people with sickness or disabilities across the UK.

Community support

The following societies have branches in many towns across the UK and organise charity fundraising events. They can sometimes help families in their area with specific requests. It might be easier if a different person, such as a health visitor or teacher approaches them.

The Rotary Club

The Lions

The Round Table

Local Trust Funds

In some places there are Charitable Trusts for people of that town, county or parish, who are in need of a helping hand. To find details of these try:

Your CAB (Citizen’s Advice Bureau) for England, Wales & N Ireland for Citizens Advice Service Scotland

Community Service Volunteers

Your local library

A local Carers’ Centre

Children’s’ Disability teams through your Local Authority