Child Brain Injury Trust Emergency Fund

The Child Brain Injury Trust emergency grant has been set up in response to the corona virus, to support existing Child Brain Injury Trust families adversely impacted by COVID-19.

Existing families supported by the Child Brain Injury Trust can apply for grants of up to £200 to provide support that cannot be easily accessed by other sources, or by statutory services.

All applications must be authorised by a local ABI Coordinator.

To apply for a Child Brain Injury Trust emergency grant, please download an application form or for more information, please contact

Mary Radnoti-Dwyer Education Assessment Grant

Grant programme – Up to £350 towards an education assessment or appeal.

Mary Radnoti–Dwyer was a passionate supporter and trustee of the Child Brain Injury Trust. She had a natural talent for leading and felt deeply for the families and children who were affected by acquired brain injuries through accident or illness.

Although one cannot reverse the often lifelong effect these injuries cause, Mary would be pleased to find some small positive step towards finding progress for the child. Through this grant programme, educational assessment is made possible. We think this grant is a direct step forward and a very appropriate remembrance of our sister.

The Dwyer Sisters

The Mary Radnoti-Dwyer Education Assessment Grant can be used to help towards the costs of a statement or assessment of SEN. It can provide a one off payment of up to £350 towards a professional report for assessments or appeals to the local authority.

For further information about applying for a Mary Radnoti–Dwyer please contact for an application form.

Give a Child a Chance – The Child Brain Injury Trust’s Small Grants Programme

Mummy is working hard to stimulate my eyes and body to give me the best chance…but she couldn’t afford a projector because she is looking after me and my big sister. She sold some of her things to help raise the money but you have helped to pay for my equipment. Thank you for helping mummy to help me.

Charlie (with a little help from his mum)
*Names have been changed to protect the child’s identity.

We can only award ‘Give a Child a Chance’ grants thanks to the generosity of charitable trusts, foundations and clubs such as the Rotary Club and the Lions Club. We thank our donors for helping the Child Brain Injury Trust to make a positive difference in the lives of children affected by acquired brain injury. If you would like to make a contribution to support this programme, please contact

Grants from Other Organisations

Below are other organisations that may be able to provide financial assistance following childhood ABI.

Contact a Family produces a list of organisations, which give grants to families with a child with a disability. Many of these specify that applications should be made by a professional on behalf of the family.
Tel: 0808 808 3555

The Family Fund helps families on a low income, caring at home, for a severely disabled or seriously ill child, under the age of 16.
Tel: 0845 130 45 42

The Roald Dahl Foundation gives grants of up to £500 to families caring for a child with a neurological condition or to young people up to 25 years of age. Applications should be made by a Social Worker or health professional. Families must be on a low income. Further guidelines and applications forms from:

Children Today provides grants for vital, life-changing and specialised equipment for children and young people with sickness or disabilities across the UK.
Tel: 01244 335622

Local Social Clubs

The following clubs have branches in many towns across the UK and organise charity fund-raising events. They can sometimes help families in their area with specific requests. It might be easier if a different person, such as a health visitor or teacher approaches them.

Local Trust Funds

In some places there are Charitable Trusts for people of that town, county or parish, who are in need of a helping hand. To find details of these try:

  • Your CAB (Citizen’s Advice Bureau) for England, Wales & N Ireland
  • for Citizens Advice Service Scotland
  • Community Service Volunteers
  • Your local library
  • A local Carers’ Centre