CBIRS – Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Services

The UK’s leading case management service focusing solely on childhood acquired brain injury.

The Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service is the culmination of two established brands working together in a joint venture to establish the first case management company that only works with children with brain injury and their families.

The UK-wide service is passionate about the individual needs of each and every child we support. We’re proud of our dedicated, multi-professional team of expert clinicians who are matched to each child and family based on their needs and expertise.

All levels of injury are assessed to achieve the right outcomes for each child and your case manager will ensure that through assessment, care planning and rehabilitation pathways each child is placed at the heart of every decision to help them to grow up confidently and live a fulfilled life.

The Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service was established through the partnership of two of the strongest brands in child brain injury and case management services – the Child Brain Injury Trust and Bush & Company Rehabilitation.

“My clients have benefited from having a Case Manager from the service because the Case Managers are very specialised. They’ve got lots of experience and it means that they are able to get to grips with the really important issues for my clients and their families as soon as possible.”
Gordon Cartwright, Partner, JMW Solicitors

What is Case Management?

Case management is the coordination of rehabilitation care and support that a person may need after a catastrophic injury. At the Child Brain Rehabilitation Service, a case manager is a qualified professional who assesses plans, implements, monitors and evaluates rehabilitation, care and support services for a child following an acquired brain injury.

Our Case Managers:

  • Assess a child following a brain injury to understand their complex needs
  • Plan the rehabilitation needed, ensuring it involves all aspects of the child’s life both today and in the future
  • Work with our employment support service and accredited care delivery support service for those families who wish to recruit their own support staff when required
  • Work alongside any legal team’s and insurers involved, as well as a wide range of service providers to ensure additional support in what can be a complex process
  • Monitor and evaluate the rehabilitation, services and support

Our case managers will always:

  • Work with you, ensuring your child’s rehabilitation, care and support needs are always at the heart of every decision made;
  • Provide information and support to you and your child when making important decisions such as rehabilitation plans, education, social and leisure.
  • Respect you and your child at all times;
  • Act with passion and integrity;
  • Work professionally with all involved individuals and services, gaining your (and where appropriate your child’s) consent before disclosing and information;
  • Communicate all decisions, plans and outcomes with you and those significant parties in your network of support; and
  • Listen and give you the opportunity to ask questions.

“What’s really good about the Child Brain Rehabilitation Service is that the Case Managers allow the parents to breathe. They can be themselves, they can work in conjunction with the case managers and also feel that they have the safety net of Child Brian Injury Trust that they can call on anytime”
Inez Brown, Partner, Medical Accident Group

To find out more please visit our website www.cbirs.co.uk or email us at enquiries@cbirs.co.uk

Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service

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