Early Years

We’re have currently put a pause on the Early Years Course in 2023, however if you would be interested in enrolling with us in the future, please feel free to contact us via learning@cbituk.org

Below is some information about the course and why it was developed…

Over the last few years the Child Brain Injury Trust has been dedicating more and more focus to brain injury in children under five.

The reason for this is unfortunately very clear to us, a 2016 study [1] showed that of 5,700 UK children with head injuries, aged 0-15, over half were in the 0-5 age group.

When you think about this it isn’t surprising, at this age children are determined explorers, with little awareness of risk. We know that the most common cause of injury in this age group is falls.

So what does this mean for you, working with this age group?

The same study showed that while just over half the incidents took place at home, a further 15% took place at nursery or school. You can read our full article “Are Your Team Head Injury Aware?” here


To help address this need, the Child Brain Injury Trust, a CPD accredited training supplier, has developed an online training programme, offered to all early years staff right across the UK. Working through this programme will result in your nursery or day care unit being recognised as “Head Injury Aware”.

The Early Years programme is  CPD approved, and is worth 9 CPD hours in total. While progressing through the course you will also learn about brain injury through serious illnesses like stroke, encephalitis and hydrocephalus in addition to the more commonly understood causes like falls resulting in a knock to the head. You can read the Course Overview here.

This special “Head Injury Aware” status will give you access to a unique pack of materials, which help you move beyond the accident book, and take the information you provide to parents and carers to the next level.

For an early years setting to be awarded the “Head Injury Aware” status we require at least one member of the Senior Management team for the setting to complete the course, plus one other member of staff.

1 Epidemiology of children with head injury: a national overview. L Trethan et al 2016