Child's name:  Emma
Support Coordinator's name:  Samantha Jarvis
Location:  North West

Prior to her accident Emma (11 years old) was a confident, independent girl, with an active social life. She has just started high school and was enjoying it. She did well academically and enjoyed sports.

In November 2018, Emma was involved in a Road Traffic Collision (RTC). She was crossing the road when hit by a moving vehicle. Emma came to the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital for treatment where she was an inpatient for 5 weeks. She had sustained multiple skull fractures, a CSF leak, blood from her ear and a broken neck. She was initially Neuro-protected on PICU before being weaned and transferred to the ward.

She had significant problems with her short term memory, impulsiveness and appropriateness. She was fixated on going home and would ask when she was allowed to go many times a day. She would become upset when told she wasn’t going home. She had no verbal filter and could come across as being rude at times.

Emma is from a single parent household and has a younger brother (2 years old). Emma’s needs during this time were difficult to manage both emotionally and practically (with childcare, time off work, costs, etc). The Regional Child and Family Support Coordinator met with Mum a few times and offered emotional and practical support. The CAF referred to the inhouse CAB worker who did a benefit check and reassured Mum on her employee rights.

The Regional CAF and the Major Trauma team met with school to convey the seriousness of Emma’s accident and the long-term effects on her learning, behaviour and processing. A return to school plan was decided (phased return, additional rest breaks, hall pass, etc) and a staff ABI session was arranged for before Emma came back to school.

The staff ABI awareness session was well attended, and the staff engaged well. They asked lots of questions about Emma and how they could support her.

The CAF visited Emma and Mum at home in the New year. CBIT provided various resources, signposting and support with applications for benefits and grants. Mum reported that Emma’s memory had improved but that she was suffering with fatigue and had become quite moody. Emma was enjoying her OT sessions and was looking forward to going back to school.

Mum was worried about practical side of Emma’s phased return to school. Emma used to walk but can’t currently as it is too far. Mum doesn’t have a car and family don’t live close enough to offer help. Their Case manager was able to allocate a hire car to help with journeys to school and appointments.

With the support of CBIT and the team around Emma, she has been making a brilliant recovery. She has started attending school again. Although she is enjoying it, 2 hours a day is all she can currently manage.

The family received the CBIT Give a Child a Chance grant and used this to have a family day out to Blackpool during half term.

Support is still ongoing for Emma, the CAF and an OT are due to facilitate a Peer awareness session for Emma’s friends. Mum is accessing the online CBIT parent support group and keeping in touch with the Regional CAF for ongoing support and advice.