The Child Brain Injury Trust is one of five charities in the final stage of the Big Lottery Fund Wales and ITV’s joint initiative: the People’s Projects. The People’s Projects – Wales funds projects across Wales that they know make a big difference to people and communities most in need. Out of the five charities at this final stage, the three that receive the most public votes will win £50,000.

This money would help the Child Brain Injury Trust’s Welsh project to raise awareness of brain injury in schools, support brain injured children and help to prevent brain injuries from occurring. So vote now!

Click here to watch our appeal video featuring 11 year old Tye, who suffered a brain injury less than a year ago. Tye was hit by a bike on the way to school. His mother (Clair) was with him at the time of the accident and said she knew straight away that Tye had a brain injury. His body was in spasm; he was gurgling and unconscious. After a three week coma Tye woke up only able to communicate through a thumbs up or thumbs down. From that moment, Clair “fought for him!”

The Child Brain Injury Trust have supported Tye and his family since his accident. Clair says that the Child Brain Injury Trust “were there when she needed someone to talk to” and that her Child and Family Support Coordinator, Kelly Bevan, “has been great and is always there at the end of the phone.”

Whilst Tye has made incredible progress, he still suffers due to brain injury. He has memory loss, is more impulsive, uses a wheelchair, can’t wash or dress himself and has right sided weakness. But as Clair says “he’s still Tye, he told me he’s still Tye.”

You can help us to help lots more children like Tye by voting. Thank you for your support.

Voting closes on Sunday 13 March at 12pm.