This E-Learning video is available from 08/02/2018 to 08/02/2020.

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A short webinar looking at Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT)

This session is delivered by Jennifer Kane, a Child and Family support officer for the Child Brain Injury Trust.

On completion of the Webinar participants will further their understanding of:

Neurologic Music Therapy (NMT) is characterised by a range of techniques which use music perception and production to help with cognitive, sensorimotor and speech rehabilitation. In this session, the neurological foundation of neurologic music therapy will be discussed and practical examples of how the therapy can be applied will be given. Techniques from NMT for Sensorimotor, Speech and Cognitive rehabilitation will be described. Information on how to find a professional Neurologic Music Therapist will be given.

This Webinar will be of interest to:

  • Young people
  • Families, parents, older siblings
  • Paediatric Health Care professionals
  • Paediatric/Hospital Social workers
  • Legal and Case Management
  • Teachers
  • Learning Support
  • SENCO’s
  • Specialist Teaching teams
  • Anyone who works with or supports children and young people.

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