Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service (CBIRS):


The Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service was established through the partnership of two of the strongest brands in child brain injury and case management services – the Child Brain Injury Trust and Bush & Company Rehabilitation. With a combined experience spanning over 55 years, we feel you and your family really are in safe hands.
The UK-wide service is passionate about the individual needs of each and every child. We’re proud of our dedicated, multi-professional team of expert clinicians who are matched to each child and family based on needs and expertise.
The service gives you access to support services in one place including employment support, transitional services (16-18 years+) and behavioural support.

All levels of injury are assessed to achieve the right outcomes for each child and your case manager will ensure that through assessment, care planning and rehabilitation pathways each child is placed at the heart of every decision to help them to grow up confidently and live a fulfilled life.


Case management simply put is the holistic rehabilitation support that a child may need following acquired brain injury.
It is a collaborative process that involves:
• Assessing a child following a brain injury to understand their complex needs
• Planning the rehabilitation needed, ensuring it involves all aspects of the child’s life both today and in the future as they grow up;
• Implementing the rehabilitation plan in conjunction with a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals;
• Co-ordinating any additional services that may be needed including home adaptations, involvement from an education provider or legal support; and
• Monitoring and evaluating the rehabilitation, services and support that the child needs, ensuring it meets an individuals health, social care, educational and employment needs.
The service is a member of Case Management Society UK (CMSUK); a not for profit association of case managers committed to the delivery of quality case management through standards of best practice


We appreciate that you and your family need support at a challenging and emotional time and so the Child Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service has a number of commitments it makes to you and your child.
Our case managers will always:
– work with you, ensuring your child’s rehabilitation, care and support needs are always at the heart of every decision made;
– provide information and support to you and your child when making important decisions such as rehabilitation plans, education, social and leisure etc;
– respect you and your child at all times;
– act with passion and integrity;
– work professionally with all involved individuals and services, gaining your (and where appropriate your child’s) consent before disclosing any information;
– communicate all decisions plans and outcomes with you and those significant parties in your network of support; and
– listen and give you the opportunity to ask questions

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