Bath-time- it’s an everyday activity, not just for hygiene, but for aqua therapy and relaxation.


For a child to reap the full benefit, they need to be immersed yet supported, comfortably.  Then blood circulation is improved, joints are offloaded, pain is relieved.  We all know, all too well, that objective is not so easy to achieve, resulting in stress all round.


Use of innovative vacuum technology, applied to the bean bag concept, can transform bath-time, making it fun and beneficial physically and emotionally. The vacuum technology removes the air from the “bean bag”, fixing the shape to perfectly support your child in the bath without any uncomfortable creases or pressure points.


Depending on each child’s specific considerations determines which is the most appropriate bean bag solution. Options include a version that fits like a doughnut over the child’s shoulders (Bagel), and one that is in essence a mouldable seat (Aqua Liberty).


The bagel transfers buoyancy to the child’s chest, thus enabling them to free-float in the water without restriction nor restraint, and without risk of their face turning into the water. It stabilises the head and neck, leaving limbs free.


It is therefore much easier to wash the child’s whole body, optimising hygiene. Giving the child the opportunity to float without restriction enables them to move as freely as possible within the bath, improving their blood circulation, encouraging positivity and relaxation and enabling exercises. At the same time, it prevents torsional movements in water, ensuring safety during hydro therapy.


Alternatively, if the child needs stability, support and maybe even joint protection in the bath, the unique Aqua Liberty means they can still reap all the benefits of bathing in comfort.


Focussing around a purpose-designed base (developed in conjunction with Occupational Therapists), the appropriate vacuum posture cushion(s) are secured in place to hold and support the child as they need, in comfort. The system can be used in any bath.


The combination of back, seat and side cushions can be configured for each child, and the cushion(s) moulded to their exact comfort, stabilisation and support. The back and seat cushions simply hoop and loop attach to the base, providing a stable, free from pressure seating position in the bath; the side panels can be attached wherever needed alongside the inside of the bath to offer protection to joints and limbs, particularly in the event of spasm. The neoprene surface prevents the child from slipping too.


After bath-time, the system can be easily removed for other member of the household to enjoy the bath. The cushions can be used beyond the bath too- in whatever other seating the child uses.


Karen Merry has used the Aqua Liberty for her teenage son George, who has Cerebral Palsy. She says: “George loves a bath. Until we tried Aqua Liberty, we had to keep George’s sling on the in the bath as he is not able to sit up in the bath without support. Because we can mould it exactly to his shape, he was extremely relaxed and comfortable in it.”


Further details about AAT and its supported bathing can be found in the marketplace section of the CBIT In Hand app.


By Peter Wingrave, AAT Director