Back in July of this year I wrote a post to tell you about an amazing young man who came into contact with the Child Brain Injury Trust a few years ago….

Following a head injury and two strokes, Connor started his own charity. He uses his Twitter following of over 5,600, to raise awareness and create positive change for young people like himself that have experienced brain injuries.

Whilst studying at college, with his empathetic nature, he offers support through hospital visits where he supports local young people. As well being a keynote speaker at the House of Lords, through organising various charity events in Hull, Connor has raised over £20,000, leading to the creation of a Sensory Station in Hull, free for children.

Connor is a brilliant ambassador for the Child Brain Injury Trust and is helping us to raise awareness of brain injury in children and young people. Last night Connor was awarded a Diana Legacy Award, one of only 20 awards presented. The awards recognise a young person for their humanitarian or social work. Connor tells us about his experience.

“The whole experience was amazing, I was in London for 4 days where we did courses on positive body image, bullying and lots more.  We had talks from Instagram and British Airways and met HRH Prince William.

“I was so honoured and he even remembered me from a year ago when I met him with the BBC Teen Awards, he said to me “I know you, your Connor the boy with the brain injury who raises awareness” which made me so happy as I had made a big enough impression for the future King of England to know me and knew what I stood for”.

When asked what motivated him, Connor said…

“What motivates me is knowing that I’m making a small difference in helping to raise awareness and hopefully children and young people know they are not alone”.

As part of the Diana Award I will be able to attend courses and mentoring sessions to enable me to raise more awareness of my cause”. I’ve always said if my story helps just one person know they are not alone then it’s worth telling.  This award is for all children with brain injury or who have had a stroke and for all those who have supported my journey”.

We are so proud of how far Connor has come, and we are sure he has a brilliant future ahead of him, we’re looking forward to see what comes next for Connor.